Paint Gems in Main Grid with right Color - matching Original at top - so they would Energize! Your score consists of total Energy amount in Gems.  Try to get highest score possible before Time runs out. 

Select Color from Palette and apply it to Gems in main Grid so they could charge from traveling external Energy Source.

When full, Gems will try to transfer Energy, spreading it evenly to all neighbors (chain length is 3 currently).

Also you can change Gem Form: second form stores more Energy, but Gems won't transfer if they are not full, so ones in the middle won't charge.

Every 30 seconds Wave will come to affect random Gems. Wave will gather Energy, resulting in a constant bonus to Score. Wave also randomizes Gem's Color. And most important, the more Energy it gathers, the more Time it will add to Timer.

Click on "?" in top left corner to view more help.

Although playable, game is in the middle of development, so please give feedback and support it if possible and/or you like it.

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